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Customised Seminars

tailored service

Dun & Bradstreet strive to customise seminars and workshops relevant to your organization. Through constructive feedback and data collected, we are always improving and personalising our workshops to be current and dynamic.

We understand that each organisation possesses its own unique needs which require that ‘human touch’ to develop a fitting seminar or workshop for you. Fear not, if you do not find what you are looking for - our sophisticated and competent team will be sure to take the intangible measurements to tailor programs that suit your requirements that fits like a glove.

Check out our list of programs

New York Sea Port
Trade Finance Essentials

The correct use of Trade Finance instruments can help improve liquidity and cash flows while mitigating risk.

Digital Mind
Workplace literacy & communication (Email)

Communication is key across all dimensions, driving the necessity for effective and coherent communication. 

Office Work
Understanding GST

Learn the applications of GST concepts and the know-how to compute and file GST returns.

Cross Fit Class
Stress Management

While performance under stress is often counter-productive, self-managing a moderated level of pressure can stimulate superior performance.

Leather Bound Books
Incoterms 2010

Incoterms are regularly used in international commercial transactions, as a globally recognized and accepted. 

Contract Paper Signing
Letters of Credit (LC)

Improve your proficiency on LC with practical application using case studies. Sheer complexity of LC requires familiarity to mitigate risk and pitfalls.

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