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Collecting bad debts appear to be “so difficult” to many people and deemed uninteresting. Many people also find collecting debts an unpleasant job, not to mention frustrating and even complicating at times even to senior employees. However, through the implementation of sound debt recovery policies, appropriate tools, strategies and techniques, collecting a debt may not be as daunting as it seems.

Effective Credit Control and Debt Recovery Strategies
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This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the key elements of corporate finance. Participants will be introduced to the capital budgeting process, investment appraisals, financing decisions, key corporate exercises and due diligence.

Corporate Finance and Capital Budgeting
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Learning Objectives:

  • Incoterms – some common misconceptions

  • New rules in Incoterms 2020 compared to Incoterms 2010 and 2000

  • Relationship of Cargo Insurance with Incoterms

  • Why FOB, CFR & CIF are no longer relevant for use in containerized shipment

Mastering Incoterms 2020
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Letters of credit are governed by the “autonomy principle” and “strict compliance doctrine” by the banks. This means the issuing bank will pay the beneficiary on presentation of the requisite documentation even in cases of breach of contract, defective goods and non-performance. Hence, documentary credit and collection should be regarded as an independent contractual tool in facilitating payment only. 

Letters of Credit and Collection
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This course is designed to introduce Machine Learning (ML) from an applied finance perspective. It begins by a general overview of ML, followed by introducing how ML algorithms are being utilized and challenges faced in its adoption in the area of applied finance, focusing on investment application. 

Machine Learning in Finance
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Leadership and Communication

Improving the quality of the Leader, Manager or Supervisor has always been considered essential by successful executives because of the immediate impact on team communication and employee productivity. It can be costly if a Leader, Manager or Supervisor fails. This workshop is specially designed for emerging and existing leaders taking into consideration the dynamic business environment and challenges many face in the competitive business world. 

Fundamental Management and Supervisory Skills
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This programme provides participants with a blueprint on how to reach mutually satisfactory agreement in any negotiation scenarios. By the end of the course, participants will be able to negotiate in simple of complex situations, address the real issues, resolve differences by understanding human behaviour and leave a bargaining situation with the results which they want.

Negotiation Skills
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Facilitators are anyone in an organization who are asked to help People to solve problems, make decisions and achieve results in meetings and problem-solving groups. Facilitators must be able to use the power of their credibility to help people address issues, be calm in times of emotion when others are stressed and confused.

Facilitation Skills and Group Facilitation for Team Collaboration
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Here are 20 proven activities to help your people recognise that conflict is inevitable, and that it can be healthy whenappropriately managed. These time-saving activities enable the participants to develop skills and techniques for managingconflict effectively, and to achieve positive outcomes, rather than to prevent all conflict.

Managing Conflict for Positive Outcomes
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Data-driven information tends to speak to people's intellect – while stories stir their imagination and reach their feelings. That's what makes stories such a powerful tool to engage and motivate when presenting. This training programme will equip you with the skills and confidence to use the power of storytelling in your communications.

Compelling Storytelling Techniques for Business Success
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Soft Skills

Sales and Marketing

Fundamentals of Consultative Selling views the selling process as helping a customer to solve a problem or achieve a goalthrough the use of the seller’s offering. In this workshop, you will learn the approaches on how to create a successful pitchand demonstrate a dialogue between you as the salesperson to your client or prospect and transforming your product orservice knowledge into a tailored solution that is delivered and positioned based on your client’s needs and language.

Consultative Selling
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Learning Objectives:

  • Use digital ads at every stage of the buyer’s journey

  • Understand Facebook Marketing, Social Media and Paid Advertising Platforms

  • Learn how to get more conversion from ads

  • Understand budget distribution and optimization

Social Media Marketing
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Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Google Analytics

  • Apply the best practices in email marketing

  • Understand the different GA metrics, how to track conversions and  set up Goals and Tag Manager

  • Learn to connect Adwords with GA

Google Analytics and Email Marketing
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Learning Objectives:

  • Apply the best practices in SEO and Content Marketing

  • Understand the fundamentals of websites and using websites for businesses

  • Learn to create content for social media and blogs

  • Understand the differences in on-page vs. off-site SEO

  • Learn to conduct keyword research and using keyword planner

SEO and Content Marketing
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Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to run Ads on Google (Search, Video)

  • Learn how to use Google Analytics and appreciate what data is needed

  • Understand how to implement Personal Branding

  • Creating Content for Personal Branding

  • Driving Personal Branding to Increase Business Revenue

  • Learn how to use YouTube Ads, Content Upload and Video SEO

Google Ads
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Personal Dev
Legal & Compliance

Organizational Excellence, Productivity and Personal Effectiveness

This course introduce learners to the concept of “Total Customer Care” in addressing issues in stakeholder management. Building on this as a foundation, the course addresses critical issues in handle difficult people situations at the workplace, managing conflicts, establishing and achieving win-win situations in handling differences and managing stakeholders at all levels.

Effective Stakeholder Management
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Whether you are managing a construction project or software development, an office relocation or a class reunion, your project will run more smoothly using the tools in this course. The ideas discussed show you how to use the basics of project planning and tracking and how to combine them with the negotiating skills needed to succeed at project management.

Basic Project Management
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As human beings, we are all wired to create – whether it takes the form of a new product or service, or simply a review of existing processes to improve efficiency. But in order to determine if an idea is a good one, one first needs to have an understanding of the problems and issues faced by people and/or users on the ground. 

Design Thinking
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This programme is aimed at enabling participants to understand Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and why this approachtaken by organizations to building diverse teams and promoting an inclusive workplace, is important for effectiveproductive teamwork, decision-making, creativity, innovation and many other business activities for success.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
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This programme is aimed at enabling participants to understand Resilience, the ability to bounce back better after setbacks, the neuroscience of Mental Wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence and their importance to success in the workplace – to learn from failures and how to develop and practice techniques that help build personal mental resilience and to explore, generate and capture new ideas to support wellbeing and resilience specific in the workplace.

Mental Resilience at the Workplace
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Legal and Compliance

Commercial contracts are regularly and commonly entered into by businesses. They could be for the supply or provision of goods or services. However, these contracts are usually entered into when parties are in agreement and are amicable with each other, and when disputes arise, it is usually too late as parties are bound to the terms of the contract, as unreasonable as they may be.

Interpreting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts
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All companies have employees and knowledge of employment law thus becomes crucial for any and all companies. A company cannot do as it wishes as long as it is willing to pay the employee the sum stated in lieu of the notice period in the employment contract. Acting without proper knowledge of the law could cost the company more than 24 months of the employee’s salary, not including legal costs and the company’s reputation.

Employment Act and Labour Law
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